Is she still into me?

Date 1: coffee. Great convo, chemistry, hugs
Date 2: dinner and drinks, kiss on the cheek to finish
Date 3: just drinks, our first kiss
Date 4: breakfast, holding hands whilst wandering around town, ended with french kissing initiated by her
Date 5 (upcoming): coffee...

I'm honestly confused. We were supposed to have dinner during the week but she had to cancel, and when she contacted me to reschedule she went straight to just having coffee on the weekend. I know she's had a stressful time at work this week, but does it mean anything that she wants just coffee for the fifth date and not anything more substantial? I did make other suggestions for some fun activities, but she said it's been a full on week, so she only wants coffee. Everything has been going well but now I'm concerned. am I just being paranoid here? Is it that she genuinely just wants to relax, or am I getting a 'I'm not interested' talk coming up?

Well I was right, it was a 'I like you, but not feeling a spark' talk. *sigh*


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  • Just chill the Fuck out. Go on the date. If it works out, cool. No need to get worked up.


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  • She's just busy. She's not going to ditch you. I hope you guys have fun good luck with your relationship!


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  • she rescheduled, does not matter what it is for, that means she's interested. If she wasn't she wouldn't reschedule at all!