Girls, My girl is not asking me at least once?

I asked her for three dates now but she didn't at least once. why?
We had a big break now but she is not asking i am thinking she dont love me and a gold digger.
What to do?
Is this is the time to move on?


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  • Firstly, why do you think she's a Gold digger?
    Does she seem happy to go on dates with you? Does she seem happy during dates? Does she talk to you other than times you're on a date?
    Some girls don't like to ask a guy on dates. It's taken me a year of a serious relationship to tell my boyfriend where I want to go or suggest a place to him. At first, I just let him decide when and where we'd go, too. I'm not a Gold digger.

    • Why?
      Every time I have to ask her for her time and have to pay
      It is sucking

    • Well, my boyfriend is different. He doesn't allow me to pay for anything even if I offer or I just got paid.
      You can test her like this; say you want to go out. Tell her you feel really bad about it, but you don't have enough money so you will have to do something that doesn't cost money. Like, just a walk in the park or something. If she's still just as happy to be with you, she really likes you. If she gets upset or angry, then leave her.

    • Ok, fine