Girls, A Girl who seemed interested and happy has suddenly started ignoring me... Is it a test? or should I let her get on with it?

We were getting along well, and then for some reason she just started ignoring my messages. Like she reads them and then just leaves it, even when I have asked 'just tell me if you want me to leave you alone' she doesn't repsond at all.. I don't know whether I should keep going or just give up... Advice?


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  • So this happened to me but I was on the other end, there was a guy that I was interested in and honestly liked talking to and then I just started ignoring him because for a while I had a lot going on that I didn't think he would understand. I know it isn't right to just assume he wouldn't understand but I didn't want to talk about it with him. Then we started talking again but I realized that over the time I had been ignoring him I lost interest. Basically I think you tell her you are there if she needs to talk but then back off a little bit until she starts talking to you again.

  • I have several friends who have done this, it starts out with them just being friendly and when they realise the guy is interested in something more than friendship they back away before it gets to a point where they are just leading him on. When she doesn't respond to your message she's probably assuming you'll go away without her hurting you (which she's indirectly doing by not telling you what's going on).
    I'm not saying it's an okay method but since I have been stalked after telling a guy I'm not interested in him I kind of understand where they are coming from. If I were you I would let it go completely because you deserve someone who at least have the courtesy to answer your question.

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