Date advice please?

In a couple of days I'm going on a date with a boy in my class, we have hardly spoken and I don't know him very well. We started to talk more via social media and he decided if he wanted to go out with me he would need to know me first, which is totally fair i agree 100%.
I look like an idiot when going on dates, when I see him what should I do? Hug him? Say hi that's it?
When i'm ordering i look lost and confused how can I be confident? HELP ME IM PANICKING XD hahahahhaa

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  • When you first meet him, just shake his hand. That's appropriate. Don't worry about ordering. Just make it fun. Talk about all the stuff on the menu and what looks good to each of you. You don't need to look confident. That is what he is there for. At the end of the date, if it went well, all you need to do, is give him quick hug, or a kiss on the cheek. Good luck!

    • Thank you, this is brilliant advice but shaking hands is a bit formal and i'm very little stil aha.

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    • And you folks are allowing this? I am trying to help you...

    • I know your helping. I don't understand

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  • Just get to know him, if it gets quiet, ask a question about him. Maybe his hobbies or a movie he likes. Chances are, he is going to start the conversation and just talk to him like you would with anyone you're comfortable with.

    • I agree thank you, I will try this also, just scared about the orderring at the shops and cafe etc ..

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    • I do agree with you here, but he's really shy, he would never do thatt :(

    • I have to be honest. Your boy doesn't sound anywhere near to being ready for something like this. You need to depend on him for things to move along during this date. And when he is unable to do that, you are going to be in a very helpless position. 14 is SO young anyway. But girls mature faster than boys, so you are depending on someone who has the maturity of a 12 year old girl to take you out! Yes, it's seriously problematic.

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  • Just know he is as nervous you are. Say hi and begin with ligh convo. He is probably gonna come up with something too. You'll be fine. Good luck. :)

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