Couple selfies?

Massive first world problem question if there was ever one lol
At what point do couples start taking selfies together?
I've been seeing this guy for a while and we have no photos together. But I feel soo awkward asking for a selfie let alone taking one haha
like I don't even know how I'd even bring it up
plus I were not 'Facebook official' so anything posted online would get alotttt of attention and questions from mutual friends.
Do you have to be official to take a photo with a guy? Is it a lame thing to do?
He has a cute date planned for us this weekend and he's going away for a few weeks so I just wanted a photo of us together


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  • It's not a lame thing to do, there is no Couple Policy you know, you won't get arrested if they catch you not taking selfies lmao

    Some take pictures, because they just want to keep that memory (Honestly I'd rather be recording, instead of just pictures)


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  • Forget all the technicalities and politics... if you like someone take selfies together, have babies etc. blah blah blah that escalated quickly.

  • You can "official" with your selfie together. You western people like making things complicated very much.

    • Lol I have to agree with you on that one
      But it's more of a shy thing for me I think because we haven't been seeing each other for that long

    • Well then, it's your call. There's not a rule book that you're supposed to obey in a relationship.

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  • You can take a photo whenever you feel like it. There is no right or wrong. You can do it whenever with friends so why not with guys you are seeing :)

    • I think because I'm a ridiculously awkward person with guys I like lol
      You're completely right though it is no big deal, I'll just think of it how I do with friends :)

    • Oh trust me I'm the same. I have never even take photos with any of my crushes before lol

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