How does a guy kiss a girl the first time?

What leads up to it? What makes the girl comfortable before going in for the first kiss? How can you be absolutely sure the girl likes you enough for you to do that? How can a guy get over his shyness and social anxiety enough to just "go for it"?

Guys and girls, answer specifically and from your experience, thanks : )


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  • alcohol. I'm not a pig telling you to get her wasted and plow her. But after a couple of drinks you will both be mellowed out. It will make things very smooth. It's also okay to ask, SOMETIMES!. After you go out a few times it would be almost always acceptable to kiss her on the cheek. If she was grossed out by you enough to not let you do that, she wouldn't still be going out with you...afterwards when you are on the phone or texting just ask if she minded the kiss. tell her you liked it. Just be really sweet and you can't go wrong. She might even hint around that she wants a real one.


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  • There's a moment where you know a kiss is going to happen. Usually, its when someone leans in really close and pauses. For first kisses, the pause is the question, "Is this okay?" If the other person doesn't move, or better yet moves forward, you're in luck.

    From personal experience, I noticed that the guy kept breaking eye contact to look at my lips. I took that as an indication that he wanted to kiss me. Which he did. :)

  • well ok I think that hwen a guy is going to kiss a girl for the first time it says who you r. for example: if he toung kisses a girl, us girls will kno he is after one thing an that's to get freaky.

    if he gives you a little peck: we kno he is very respectable guy.

    if he gives you a long peck an doesn't grab all the girls body we think his sweet an just perfect wel that's what I think. but girls don't lik it when a guy kisses all agressive lik if you can't wait to get her to bed.


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  • Usually before I plan on do it, id hug her alot, maybe kiss her on the cheek in a friendly way. When I want to kiss her on the lips for the first time I hug her then lean most the way in pretty slowly, stop and wait for her to lean in the rest of the way. That way if she likes you she will kiss you, if she doesn't I guess it might be sightly awkward, but you might be able to pass it off as a plain hug.

    • Lol. good. that last thing is kinda funny.

    • Well I don't know what happens if it doesn't work, cause it hasn't failed yet lol Probably would have to turn it into a joke, lean in close and if she doesn't lean in, id have to say, great I've always wanted to breathe on your face :)