Who's the most manipulative person you've dated?

Who's the most manipulative person you've dated, if anyone was manipulative? If so how were they manipulative? Did they boast you up and then ditch you like nothing happened?

My experience was with this girl I dated off POF 2 years ago. She was newly single and because I had a long dry spell and I thought she was hot, I went for it. The more we talked, the more things in common we had but it was weird shortly out of nowhere shed beg me to talk to her every night while I was out with friends or going to bed and would push for 5 mins, that'd turn into 20, but when I wanted to talk to her she'd back off. She also sent me nudes, otherwise she'd worry I'd ignore her and lose interest. She also said very deep things, before we met, like I wanna be with a tall, funny, cute, sweet, guy right now. Wanna be with a tall, funny, cute, sweet girl? And when I jokingly said no, she got uptight and made sure I was honest because "honesty is all she speaks". She also said she was excited to meet me, wanted to leave vegas with her family to see me. And this got me attached. We hit it off our first date and it seemed promising but then she became very unstable.

The he day after our date, she asked for a 2nd, said she wanted to make out again, and sent a pouty emoticon when I told her I couldn't. Also said she wanted to go to the concert and bonfire I was going to that same week. The next day when I text her, she gave one word replies and when I asked her about the concert she wanted to go, she's like what I'm going. And acted like nothing happened.
After our 2nd date she ended up leaving me for the ex she complained to me about. She even went as far as saying I don't wanna see him again but if we see him I'll tell him with a cooler guy now and asked me to make fun of his babydick. I couldn't believe I had feelings for such a person. But it took awhile to get over her because it was my closest to a real relationship.


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  • This girl i met on a dating site. We talked for like 3 months before we met. I was really friendly and innocent back then and attracted a lot of people because of my friendly nature. Anyways we started texting then things heated up to late night calls and sexual talk. I had told her things I never had told to anyone without even realising it. This goes on for abit longer but her strange behavior really was obvious (looking back now... Back then I wasn't focusing on it and was just innocent and kind hearted). She would play games like tell me shed call me, but she wouldn't. Shed get these weird phone calls from random numbers threatning her or causing a stir. Me, being so innocent, was there telling her it'll be ok and stuff. As things moved on she got really excited to meet and suggested we should, I agreed. We meet at the park with a few beers. I notice she tried to make a kissing movement with her lips and I went straight for it. Really deep passionate kiss. She even unzipped my pants abit at held my dick in her hands. Then, at the end of the date, she comes out with " I love you". OF course i teased her then the date ends. She tells me she had a good time... Soon after she asked what we were and I said 'Just getting to know each other". Then she trapped me and asked me when I had last sex (of course I was innocent and wasn't aware of "the game" at that time). I told her 2 weeks before (1 day after meeting her). She didn't take this lightly.. She cried on the phone to me (I still remember it to this day). It's almost like she haunts me. I remember her saying " I've got you forever now". 3 months go by with no contact, then she texts me out of the blue. Of course me not knowing what to do, tried to tell her I liked her for 6 months... Without seeing anyone or talking to anyone else. In the end we just started arguing and yelling and she blocked me off facebook. She accused me of being a flirt... This really fucked me up because in no way was I a flirt. Just kind hearted, innocent, and friendly. It took me 2 years to get over her. Since then I told myself never again and I pay CLOSE attention to girls behaviors and body language. I've got a spine now, all thanks to this experience. But Im really aware of their behavior now

    • Sounds like we dated the same girl

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    • Did the girl you mention use you as a rebound?

    • I have no idea but all I remember is she would always do shady things or receive shady phone calls. I remember one night where she told me she was at a hotel room super drunk and she didn't know where the guys had went.. Thought that came to mind was this isn't normal and I knew what happens when you bring someone to a hotel but like I said I was innocent and friendly back then

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  • a LEGO tower..."she"... manipulated me :(

  • My last girlfriend used the feelings I had much stronger feelings for her than she had for me.

    • Sorry to hear that man, you see with the girl I mentioned, I was just playing it by ear and she was coming on very strong and it seemed like she was manipulating me for attention and sex and then when I showed just a little interest back, she'd act like I was being needy and clingy. It almost seemed like she was testing me that way to see how clingy I was which was bullshit because if I did any of the things she did to me, it'd scare a girl off fast

    • For example, the morning after the first time we spoke on the phone she'd blow up my phone and said wanna talk, I just love hearing your voice. This was before we met.

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