Think she is only agreeing to meet up with me to shut me up?

So for a while now i've been trying to get this girl to meet up with me and she finaly said yes but in a lot more words.

This is what she said "Fine. your off on Tuesday plan someting for between 10-4"
I said that it sounds like she doesn't want to meet up. she said it's because she hates social meet ups and things always go wrong for her, But she's always meeting up with her friends?

Does this sound like she's just saying yes to shut me up?
Would you still meet up with someone who sends you a message like that? note the actuall message and context sounds more shity than how it sounds when i've typed it,


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  • If you beat a dead horse, you end up with a dead horse... Don't plan on riding it.

    • Erm what lol

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    • True, Oh well it could be a negative start that ends in something positive...

    • Whatever works for you. If you're happy grasping at strings, go for it...

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  • i think so yeah.


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  • guess yeah... were u very "clingy" towards her bro?

    • No.. Maybe I don't know. I mean there was a few times we didn't speak for like a week, but it didn't bother either of us, so I don't know.. I guess I'll find out when we meet up lol