I wanna get to know my girlfrein dALOT better how? like what do I say?

im not righting a description im a little to drunk

like i wanna know her more personally


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  • If you ever get the chance to hang out with her that would be the best opportunity to get to know her on a personal level. take her out to eat and don't have a list of questions, let them come naturally. but watch her, get to know her like that. watch what she ordered, why did order that?, what is she wearing? oh that just happens to be her favorite tshirt, because its blue her favorite color. if that's what you meant about personal

    • no im sorry i mean like like hobbies intrest more indepth stuff like what their child hood was like also i wanna know about there rough times in life ya know see im cross faded thinking about this so i guess i have questions to as k her lol

    • compare and contrast hard times. you wanna learn all that why don't you just ask her. when you take her out (if you take her out) see where she wants to go. maybe a place that interest her like her hobbies. you can learn a lot just talking to her too. get on a comfortable level with talking to her, open up and she might do the same. if she's into you, she'll try to keep up the conversation. and that's when you learn all the information you wanna know.

    • yeah we went to a baseball game before we got to talk a lot but not much about serious things but your right i should open up i was expecting her to open up first but with her we think the same so like if i do something for her she will to me so i should open up an tell her how i feel an what not but thank you so much you said the right words for me to sort out this situation

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  • I can see that you're drunk.
    Maybe try getting to know her better when you're sober.

    • i can function normally just typing gets lazy after a wile aha but i know a little bit bout her but i wanna know more like her on a personal level but I don't know what to ask her

  • Ask her what you want to know.


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