Is there a way for a guy you like to like you?

I mean you seem to get along well, he is flirtatious, on our very first date person to person since we met (months ago) he made out very sensual (tongue incuded) l with you at some point and u reciprocate that kissing. He is nto much of a talkative person when youy text him, he just answer straight to the point and do not go around the bushes. But you can't know if those are signs he like you or he is just being flirtatious or just being polite or what.

I like this guy and I know I can't pursue him in a stalky/clingy way I have to be patient and take things slowly with him if I want to get to know him more but I wish he like me but I dont want also to wait for a long time just to see if would ask me for another date. I want to keep talking to him often , knowing him more than he alreayd told me about him not wait too long to get in touch with him but not to stalk him with texts often like every other day.

If I wait too long he may find other girls that is a possibility but if talk to him so often he may think im just kind of needy desesperate lady to be in touch with him and that may scare him away, guys dont like clingy women as far as I read.


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  • I'm gonna go out on a limb here and tell you to go do something for yourself completely unrelated to him... cause that clingy desperate lady that scares the guys away is exactly what you sound like in this post.

    Go do something that scares the hell out of you! Afterwards it will do wonders for your self confidence. You'll feel strong and powerful and will curve off some of that "clingy" business. Feel free to share your adventure with him after you've gone and done it, but don't tell him your going to or invite him to go with you. If he wants to join you again after, you can go do it together later on

    • What do u mean that me has to do something of myself completely unrelated to him? We have only gone out together once I just wish here will be a second date not soon of course but eventually in a couple of months, to see again as friends. Let me clarfiy that I do not text him everyday nor he do the same to me. SInce I met him the times I have texted him and we had kind some kind of conversation is I text him like every 2 weeks or one time each week taht is how much I talk to him that does not sound so clingy or needy. I dont call him or text him everyday at all exactly for the same reason that I dont want to sound clingy on him. But like every normal friend relationship I do want to have a normal conversation with him, like friends do that they call each other, to set up plans to hang out, etc you know the normal stuff that happen between friends.

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    • I have LOTS of male friends, I can't think of a single one I talk to every day never mind go hang out with every day. The only time in my life that was different was when I worked in a camp up North, and it was basically because we were the only people there, and when our hitch ended and we all went home we weren't on the phone texting or calling each other.

      You are not looking for a friend, your looking for a boy friend. "Friends" don't make out. They may flirt, they may hug, but they don't stick their tongues down each others throats or have other sexual contact. That's "friends with benefits" and as a general rule it's basically convenient sex, there's no emotional attachment whatsoever

    • We only had gone once together before tat we jsut met 2 months ago

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  • he must like u back... only!


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  • you should just talk to him.

    • I guess there is no way for me to know if he is thinking the same way as I do. This is the first time in my life Im like with illusion with a guy maybe beaue we hare similar interests, age and well never is too late to hang out or date a guy. Although he had women experience before but not me with guys