Whoops! First date sex!

OK so I went out on a date.. a great ! date.. dinner, walked around a park then to this local pub. well we couldn't keep our hands off each other, went back to her place and one thing lead to another.. She even told me at the bar.. no sex tonight with a big smile on her face, I said OK how about a massage. She said OK! :) Well it turned into more then that. Yes we were both a little tipsy from drinking.. Here's the bad part though I heard from her the day after we were both laughing at some of the things from the night before. She went to her parents for the weekend and now I haven't heard from her since. Do you guys think she was like whoops didn't mean for that to happen so fast and now I must play hard to get to this guy and she is really embarrassed or does she disrespect me for letting this happen.. It was totally mutual.. We were all over each other and now nothing.. It doesn't make sense. Its been 4 days since any contact

oh and another thing her best girlfriend added me as a friend on Facebook like two days before the date. She just dropped me yesterday? what the hell is going on here? Are these two playing with my mind?


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  • Ah, I've been in this situation before. I'm actually quite surprised that a guy is questioning first date sex...

    I think that she's embarassed, thinks she moved too fast, and is worried what you might think of her. She probably just needs some time to think OR on the other hand she could just see it as a one night stand, and nothing serious. It depends on the type of girl she is, seeing as I don't know her, you'll have to make that judgement call yourself. But the fact that her friend deleted you as as friend of Facebook suggests that maybe the girls opinion wasn't too favorable of you.

    Either way, you should at least make contact with her and see what's up. What's the worst that could happen? And if it turns out she's not interested, hey at least you got some good sex out of it.

    • Thanks for the reply.. yeah I mean.. I had been talking to the girl for two weeks before our first date. Didn't want it to end, because we had sex so soon. I did make contact with her, asking why the silence? and that she shouldnt be embarassed if that is what is going on because I wanted to see her again.. I've heard nothing!! Yeah well call me crazy but I can go out and just get sex if that's all I want, but I really liked this girl

    • I think her silence is the answer.

      You're probably giving this more thought than she is. Try to move on, and if she eventually contacts you, be weary.

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  • Wow, never thought this would happen to a guy... all I know is that when a girl wants to be with you, she will do the impossible to let you know she is interested. Ingoring txts or calls, means, please don't bother me. I guess woman can act like dudes sometimes...huh!

    • Yeah its weird.. I don't know.. don't understand how we go from talking about date two and three stuff and making out and sex to nothing at all.. who knows.. Its just funny because it wasn't like we woke up and looked at each other like ummm what did we do last night!!? We were laughing and then she drove me to my car so I could go to work.. now nothing!.. oh well.. and she won't even call me to get her coat back..strange!! looks a nice gift for a new girlfriend :)

  • Why the silence? Is she refusing to call you back or are you waiting for her to initiate? If it's the latter, she is probably waiting for you. If the former...maybe she regrets it getting physical so fast.

    • Thats what I can't figure out either. the date was thursday night. she dropped me back off at my car Friday morning.. we texted a little back and forth later that day. she said she was going to her parents house 4 the weekend and would call me Sun. Never heard a word so I called her left amessage saying I wanted to see her again and we should go out tuesday night. Heard nothing. Tues. I said why the silence? in a text. Nothing! my buds say who cares, you got sex, but I liked her and now feel dumb

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    • Yeah tell me about it. the only thing I can think of is (A.) she didn't like the sex.. sure did seem like it. Or (B) she thought I was getting way to interested too fast.. But its just weird all she talked about during the date were things we could do together, pretty much hinting around that she was interested in seeing more then just that night.. who knows.. its whatever.. I'm just moving on

    • And another thing I went back to the pub to get hers and my jackets we left their.. Had to have been an expensive jacket of hers.. Told her I picked it up for her and no reply to that either. I would have just given it back to her and said see ya later.. Some people are just strange I guess. I feel like I was rebound dude because she just got out of a 3 year relationship

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