Do you think she wants more than friends?

This flirty friendly ex married co-worker woman is confusing me a bit. I'm single and she's few years older than me. She was buddies with a couple of my good guy friends. I think she would do lunch with them occasionally. I never really knew her super well, just somewhat. But, she would ask my buddies about me, or tell them to give me a message about an inside joke her and I had about me buying her Kolaches for doing her a favor.

So she doesn't work with us anymore. My buddy told her I was leaving the company and she emailed me and we emailed back and forth most of the day. We've done this before with flirty undertones, but I feel like she may do this with my buddies as well. She has huge **** and likes to flaunt them, lol.

SO she's emailing me telling me we need to do lunch and to contact her when I get to my new job since it will be close go hers. I email her and tell her here's my personal email and she says ok I'll save it and to tell my buddies hello.

So then she emails me my personal and says TESTING, and we email a bit again, this time she's responding back on her phone.

This is kind of confusing for me. What do you think? Just friends?

The first time I formally met her I was invited to a fantasy football draft with some guys and it was randomly at her house and her husband was in the league. When she opened the door she was blushing like crazy. I don't know.


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  • i think she likes you.


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  • she didn't show any flirty signs yet it seems...

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