When do you know your a couple?

So I met this guy from a dating app. The two of us we just had our 4th date tonight. We been texting a lot during the day & night. We've done a lot of kissing/ a little making out here and there. Then the whole hand holding thing (LOL). Tonight Saturday were going to see the movie Aloha. He said "how about we see aloha that movie looks good." I didn't even tell him I wanted to see it I was so happy. So how do you know that you feel when your ready to be an official couple? In the past I've as the old saying goes "jumped the gun" I need to know how do I play my cards right without getting hurt. And even though he's said a lot of the time "I really like you. You have a nice laugh." Such and such. How do I know we're able to be a couple without me bringing it up?


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  • My recommendation would be to give it a couple more dates, then ask him if he's seeing anyone else. After that many dates, no one could fault you for wanting to be exclusive.

    • Ok that sounds about right. I've been in my comfort zone a lot this is the first guy who I went out from the app. That's taken me out more then 3 dates.

    • He went down on me last night I guess our feelings got more intense.

    • But I liked it as much as he did.

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  • only once he asks you to be his girlfriend.