You come home from work, and your SO throws you a gun (a big one) and explains that he/she wants you to be the Bonnie/Clyde to his her Clyde/Bonnie?

So you...

  • Ask him/her if he/she's run out of his/her meds again...
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  • Try to remember if you've taken *your* meds lately...
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  • Look around for hidden cameras, like it must be a prank...
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  • Ask what the plan is, and give it a listen...
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  • Reveal that you've been working on a plan of your own, and had just been waiting for the right time...
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  • Other...
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What Girls Said 3

  • Lmfao!!! I wouldn't even be able to take him seriously at allllll. There's no way XD

  • To answer this seriously, the relationship would end.

    He knows how I feel about crime and if that's the sort of life he wanted to pursue, it would have to be without me.

    • (Maybe he's psychologically imbalanced and truly needs help)

    • He would have to get brain damage to think of something like that, lol.

    • Yes, pherhaps 😄 brain damage is a serious condition affecting... pretty much everyone in my opinion

  • Throw the gun to the side, tell him Bonnie and Clyde will have to wait a few hours, and drag him to the bedroom... That's kind of sexy.


What Guys Said 4

  • Tell them you want a hug and then pistol whip them over the head and call a mental hospital.

    That's when the friends jump come out of the closet (no, like literally) and freak out and then I realize it was a joke...

  • Eat a hotpocket and find spiderman to team up with and finish the job

    • Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does all the things that...

    • oh sorry i couldnt hear over how delicious this hotpocket taste. by the way we're out of hotpockets you need to go to the store and pick some more

  • I would propose to her lolz

  • "Oh, you think that's a big gun?"

    (unzips pants)