Am I doing something wrong?

I'm 19 and haven't had a relationship or even a one night stand. I have had girls tell me that they like me but the feelings weren't mutual. I recently just let this girl I liked slip through my grasp. So I need to know am I doing something wrong? About me: 19 ~6'1" I play lacrosse, I'm a full fledge firefighter, I have broad shoulders. I'm kind, caring, dedicated, relatable, cool, down to earth.

Just adding other traits I am confident and also very courageous, can be a tad weird at times, also a bit wild when I'm in my comfort zone.


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  • No, you aren't doing anything wrong. Don't let this bother you or keep you from being happy everything falls into place on its own you know? I'm sure you'll meet someone soon. Good luck 😊


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  • Well confidence is lacking other than that you just have to be more proactive in finding someone you match with.

    • Thanks I am running on fumes right now when I decided to do this I forgot about those traits.

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