Second Date Follow-up?

(I'm pretty sure I'm going to laugh back at this..!)

So I decided to go ahead and text a guy I went on one day with to confirm that we were still meeting tomorrow, which he had asked me on a date right after our first meet:

Me: hey hope all is well, are we still on for tomorrow?
Him: (2 hrs later): Absolutely. How's 7 o clock sound?
Me: yeah is 7:30 ok?
Him: sure
Me: ok cool, do you know where we'll meet?
Him: (no response first time around)
Me: (making light of the conversation) I've gotta get some sleep, I apologize for my gazillion questions haha just let me know, looking forward to it!
Him: oh ok, let's just meet in (city)

And that's it. I don't know... he just doesn't seem enthusiastic or invested in the date, even though he was the one who asked for the second date initially. I still do not know the specific location of the date. I feel sort of blown off or like he feels obligated to the date, which has detracted from the anticipation. I also feel like I'm pulling teeth and now I'm not so sure we are on the same wavelength anymore. Up until now he's been the initiator and I've made sure he's the one pursuing. Do you think I stand a chance or have I messed things up? I'll probably just sleep on it. Thanks for the insight.

(don't wanna speak too soon about this but here goes)
Turns out we went on the date. He texted that he couldn't find an open mic venue (as originally planned) so he suggested dinner. Dinner lasted about an hr and a half. When he first saw me, I promise his first words were "wow you look so beautiful." I was absolutely floored and speechless for a sec, said 'thank you, you look great!' end of the date, he walked me back to my car and suggested the beach for next time, I agreed and then we kissed


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  • He might have just

    • ... Been tired. I'm not very talkative or enthusiastic when I'm tired

    • I guess I contacted him sort of late (at 8), but yesterday I just wanted to get an idea about tomorrow so that I could plan accordingly but now I just feel like I bugged him lol what to doooooooo

    • (At 8 )**

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  • i think, if you make the second date plane it will be rockz

    • If I understand correctly, you're saying that if I make the second date plan, it will be...'rockz'? I'm not sure what that means but he initially did suggest a second date, which made me think he was interested

    • Of curse but he is nervousep I think

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  • You do stand a chance. He's probably not a very enthusiastic texter.