Do.. thicker girls usually have a confidence issue?

I went out twice with this girl whos a bit on the heavy side, I could care less about it but I know some people do and are even self consious about it, and Im really athletically built so I dunno if she's nervous about that or thinks she's not my type or whatever. I would never talk to her about this directly withot her telling me for course

We connected really well, I believe, and she said she had a great time, was a bit nervous throughout but it was all good, and she said would let me know when she can go out again. I took her word and Im still waiting. Now perhaps she's shy and won't text me first, perhaps combined with the above I dunno. But I really want to see her again and dont know what to do


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  • I believe she does have a self confidence issue. I have always been self conscious about my weight, and and almost every girl is. Even when I was younger I had anorexia yet I still was very self conscious. Just complement her and she should have that shyness gone in no time.


    • Thanks for the response! Sou u would, for example, not text a guy because of a lack of confidence?

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