If a guy acts nonchalantly towards you during a friends hangout would you reconsider it all?

I went on two dates with a friend and we had a great time, planning to do other things later and stuff. But two days after at a group hangout she was being kinda cold towards me so I followed suit, we barely talked all night and when we did it was short comments. It felt stupid at the time and still does now but I did try and she wasn't receptive so I stoped trying after a while. She rescheduled our next date as she claims she's too busy to go out right now, even after all the things we had planned during and prior to our dates. Now Im waiting for her to not be busy but Im starting to believe she won't contact me, and/or is waiting for me to do so.

Should I contact her?


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  • 2 dates... guess it's early bro... short comments r good for now.

    maybe u'll know better later ;)

    • Suppose u may be right but we talked a lot during our dates, and also she has not texted me in a whhile

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