Girls, why do you push guys away? And what should I do?

She has admited that she pushes guys away when she begins to like them to me, after we talked about it things got better. But now I feel like she is doing it again. I know it's because she does not want to get hurt again. But I just don't know what to do. It is mostly over texting that she pushes away. Like she does not respond. But we have been talking so long i know it's out of fear or out of not knowing what to say instead of not being interested. What should a guy do?

I haven't asked her to be my girlfriend yet, but hope to soon...


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  • Be patient with her. Give her space but also don't let her push you away if you're certain that she likes you. Keep communicating with her about this. Like find a middle ground. Something she's comfortable with and you. For instance, agree to only text message each other once a week or don't text and only call or face to face. Or ask her to send a smiley to let you know you're still cool without really texting about anything. Does that help?

    • Yeah it does, I guess her and I need to have another talk. She is coming back from being with her family all week. And I mentioned that I wanted to see her this weekend without actually making solid plans. So I think I am just going to wait till she texts me instead of pushing to see her. If I dont hear from her, maybe Ill send her something on Monday? I don't know.. this is so confusing lol

    • Well, just remember that this is HER problem and not yours. At some point you also have to choose you. You're a person with wishes too. You have to ask yourself how far you are willing to go to accommodate her and make sure you actually draw that line.

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  • i guess she's not sure if she's actually interested in u or not? ;)

    • Well I know that's not it. Or I would be very surprised. We have gone on dates, I've gotten a kiss or two form her. When we are together in person she is very into me..
      It's just when we aren't together it feels like she is pushing away..

    • hahaha if she's into u when u r in perosn... it's a good sign bro ;)