Why do people cheat when they could just leave?

I have a friend and she cheats on her boyfriend all the time I asked her why she wouldn't leave and she said because he makes her smile she said that even though she cheats on her boyfriend she will always come back to him because that's her home and she loves him however I CALL BULLSHIT what would hurt him should hurt her so why would she do anything that she knows whould hurt him if he ever found out that she was doing what she was doing. It makes me question how much could you really care about someone if you're willing to hurt him in that way. Why not just break up with him that way what you're doing won't be considered as cheating, and you could easily spare feelings of hurt and betrayal, and some one's time and you could get what you want... to be a single individual. I don't care how much you proclaim to care about your boyfriend / girlfriend, and not all the other people that you mess around with behind their backs, You. DoNot. Hurt. The People. You love.
Also why is it that the cheater can cheat, but the minute they think their bf/gf is looking at another person they Blow The Fuck Up?
Am I werid for thinking this way because basically everyone in my school thinks like that, and people ask me why im still single, its because im not in a rush to get into something like that. I comfortably stay and a virgin and single and stick to crushing because nothing lasts forever and I've experienced heartbreak twice before, and still dont know how I made it through but I won't let that happen to me again three times.
. by the way my friend and I are 17 nd juniors in high school.


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  • No you are not weird you are normal. Your friend is the weird one. She is also extremely narcissistic. She wants to keep the boyfriend around because she likes that he makes her smile, and she wants to go out and cheat on him. She gets off on lying to him about it. People like that think that it is some kind of challenge to lie to people who love them.

    I would seriously consider why you are friends with her, if she is willing to do stuff like that to someone she supposedly loves, think of what she will do to you.


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  • because they don't care.


    its because the person has something that they still desire and decide to play a 2face.

  • I totally agree with you.


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  • I have a younger sister who cheated on her boyfriend (now ex) MULTIPLE times, but would get pissed off and jealous if he even talked to a girl. She was one of the mean girls that always got their way and he was one of the naive good guys that would fall for those type of girls. She treated him like shit and I was single; wondering how someone like that could even attract a good guy and I couldn't.

    Cheating is wrong. I've done it before. And from a cheater's perspective, you can cheat on someone and still love them. But you cannot cheat on someone you're IN LOVE with. Plus it's also about maturity. I've also been cheated on before too. Caught my boyfriend (1st boyfriend ever) making out with my sister. She was jealous that I finally got something or even someone that she couldn't have (usually she was always the one get everything).

    When people are immature nor really love someone as much as they claim or even think they do, they tend to cheat more. She is better off leaving him. Or better yet...

    ... EXPOSE HER!!!

    You NEED to tell him. Yes, it's gonna hurt him. But he is way better off getting hurt by the truth than by some lie.

  • No idea...
    Makes no sense...

    I think it might be the fear of moving on or the fear of no one else wanting them for real...

  • I have always asked myself this... why would you live the lie long.. why not just stop the acting and stop playing with the other's feelings?

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