Would you ever hang out with a band geek?

Even if they were the crunkest person you met. But they were very serious about band.


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  • Most of my friends were geeks, but not in band.


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  • I would totally hang out with a band geek, but I wouldn't be inclined to hang out with the "crunkest" person I met.

  • What does crunkest mean?

    Chicks in bands are hot.

    • Like to the type you can party with.

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    • Sure I'll hang out with you. But don't get in the way of MY band :D

    • Thats great but not me. and forget my band my drumline will run you and your band over. I'm a drummer

  • as long as every single one of your friends isn't in band. I don't know about other schools but at my high school the band was just one huge clique and they only hung out with other band kids. No one else liked them.

    • Im a bandgeek but I'm not like that. I'm kinda shy so sometimes I don't talk at all. I don't do the whole clique thing. its stupid.

    • Then ya I would hang out with you. I'm shy myself so I wouldn't mind.

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