I'm scared that I was just used again.. what are the chances he will stay?

I know this man from September last year. We dated for a while, had some issues, later I left the country and today we had our first real date after 8 months (we just used to talk casually or had short coffee meetings). The thing is that we had sex for a first time.

It happened to me too often that guys just left after I had sex with them and the time we were dating didn't play any role. But I think my relationship with this guy is deeper (at least I feel it like that). Even though he freaked out few times, he came back and today he was really romantic. He was so romantic - cooked for me, we talked and he took me to bed in his arms.. and he said several times that he enjoyed and said also few times that "next time" and when he left he said "keep in touch", so I have all the signs he is not running away, but I'm still scared.. :(

So, he didn't call today. I cried all day long. He knows that I want a relationship, he knows I'm a homey kind of girl who doesn't party and likes to cook, so why he didn't use somebody who is looking for sex only? I feel so betrayed and hurt..


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  • sounds like he acted like a good guy... no?

    • yes he did, but the fear is still inside of me.. he mention he has some feelings for me, but it is really too early (I really don't sleep with guys that early, but i really really like him). but i noticed that he was rushing when leaving, like running away. I know he was about to meet his friends (his best friend is celebrating the birthday today and he also wanted to buy him a present).. but it is still that fear inside of me and I don't know how to act, because i don't want to scare him off..

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    • guess it's just yer impression... so no worries :)

    • one day passed and he didn't text me.. i saw him online, but no contact with me.. :(

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  • he will stay!

    • one day passed and he didn't call