Girls, what would you think of this guy?


-goofy sense of humor


-good looking and very fit

-18 y.o


-sunny personality


-never has had a girlfriend or real romantic relationship of any kind

-never consciously flirted with a girl

-never been on a date

-is not shy or not confident, but is reserved towards new people

-does not "have game"

-is this way due to an "ugly duckling syndrome"

Basically, does his lack of experience and flirtatiousness counteract his other attributes? Does it intensify the attraction because he isn't like most immature d bags who got game? Does it make a difference at all?



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  • awwh. well unfortunatly first impressions are crucial to everyone. sooo you say you don't know how to flirt? honestly, just be yourself. if they like you then they like you. if not then who cares? they aren't worth your time if they don't like you. And actually some girls even find the fact that some guys don't have game very shows your innocence, which MOST men don't have. WHATSOEVER. who cares if you've never had a gf? just be yourself dude :)

  • As long as he's not gay he sounds like a cutie! Jump on that girl! Haha seriously though, he seems like a good guy maybe he just needs to get used to you! I think the positive outweighs the negative!

    • Haha thanks!

      but I was actually describing myself in the third person because if I were to let people know it was me, some people would try to give me advice on how to change myself, which I don't really care for. I just wanted honest opinions on how I would be perceived.

      haha and I'm not gay lol

    • OMG, it says your a guy and everything! Excuse my stupidity,and in that case you sound like a sweetheart, kinda remind me of the guy I like. I'm popular at school, and not being cocky but I'm pretty too, and I'm head over heals in love with a shy sweet sensitive guy kinda like yourself.. I love everything tha he is,when I told him I liked him he thought it was too good to be true, and he was like "oh I'm worried you'll want to change me." I would never I love him exactly how he is! so don't change!

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