Strange to be into someone you wouldn't consider your "type" physically?

This girl and I have everything in common, and I am going to ask her to be my girlfriend soon. But physically she looks nothing like the type of girl i envison my self with. One example, she is a blonde I am usuially way more attracted to brunettes. Is it weird that I am still into her even though she isn't my "ideal" physically/or match what I consider to be my "type"?

This isn't meant to be shallow, sorry if you think so.

  • Not it is not strange to be into someone who isn't your "type"
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  • Most people have some sort of IDEAL when it comes to the type of people they're attracted to. But there's so much variety in this world that usually there's plenty of people you'll meet in life who you still find very attractive even though they don't look like that ideal you had in your mind.

    An ideal is nothing more than a fantasy, in real life people have too many unique features about them to be inflexibly caught up on one specific set of features. While you may generally PREFER, say, redheads with green eyes, there's plenty of women in this world who don't fit that criteria that you may still find equally attractive.


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What Girls Said 3

  • It's not strange!

  • It's not strange because I don't have a type lol

  • Really? You like blonds but she's brunette and that makes her not your type? Wtf?

    • Read it again. She is blonde, he likes brunettes.
      I get your point. It shouldn't matter.

    • That doesn't make sense. Hair color is not a "type"
      You can picture an ideal partner and picture them with blond hair, but if you meet someone and they have brown hair I'm sure you wouldn't think twice about the color of their hair..

    • eh different strokes for different blokes he's like those guys that whenever you look at their past girlfriends they all have two things in common they are all blonde and blue eyed except the asker is the opposite of them

What Guys Said 4

  • Physical type isn't the case bro. At looks and those "types" of your will not only eventually fade away through time but you will get bored of them too.
    If you evaluated her other qualities and you thing you can continue your life with her, that is fine. But if you really do not think you will have a future together (because of your "type" or any other reason) I advise you to leave her to be and go on with you life.

  • Not really. They might not be the things you usually want but if you like them then you clearly like more than your self appointed standards. Attraction isn't something that comes with prerequisites.

  • I think you need to really think hard how important those physical requirements are to you.

  • How do you feel when you around her? How does she make you feel as a guy? Do you feel valued? You are too preoccupied with the wrapping. Concentrate on the gift.

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