Girls, Do you act in this way, when you hate a Random guy with your guts?

I am a Quiet guy and don't talk much. I would say quite self-reserved at times. I have Random girls approaching me in a group of ( 4 or 5 ) and teasing me in a funny way (no insults ) to get my attention.

But when I talk to girls sometimes individually ( in class because I have to ) they seem more quiet, stare and don't talk much. Sometimes they giggle.

So I can't really open up a girl and therefore never had a girl-friend or anything.

Can girls say if this is the way you act when you hate a Random guy?

Girls opinion. Thanks:)


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  • They don't hate you girls have a lot more balls to talk openly about the attractiveness of a guy in groups than in person one on one. They were most likely talking about how cute you were amongst themselves. I have never seen a group of girls waste their time talking about a guy they didn't think was attractive; they usually just don't notice them like they don't exist.

    • Thanks:) But when I talk to them Individually they are pretty quiet. I asked for their number and they gave an excuse like " I don't have a phone " and stare back at me again... If they don't open up, they must hate me.. right?

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    • as I said before girls are braver in groups then by themselves in this situation. So the best chance you have of getting them to open up with you and feel comfortable with you is if you approach them in a group. But I know that can be very difficult and nerve racking and you don't know how they will react to you when they're a lot more braver.

    • Thanks:) I will give a shot next time ;)

  • I don't hate random guys with my guts.

    • Well you are nice:) But do those girls hate me?

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    • I think you almost shit in your pants, when I asked your street... stalker on alert ;)

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