Would you rather be wanted by almost all of the opposite sex but almost never meet one you like, or have a type you see a lot but 50%-80% deny you?

If your wanted by most people, you'll be lucky to see 1-2 people you find attractive in a year because you have a specific taste. But you can still tell loads of the people who like you are attractive, but you feel nothing romantically or physically for them.

The other one is where you have a type you like and find attractive that you see a lot but you get denied 50-80% of the time

  • Rather be wanted by most but almost not like any of them
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  • Id rather get denied if it was 50% of the time
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  • Id rather get denied if it was 60% or less of the time
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  • Id rather get denied if it was 70% or less of the time
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  • Id rather get denied if it was even 80% of the time
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  • Id rather be wanted by most unless i get denied less than 50% of the time
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Most Helpful Girl

  • A is the story of my life, boys chase and the majority of the time I don't like them. Ends with me dating a number of diffident men. I'm not sure if this is the way I want it to be. I like the attention (not going to lie) in my head I like to think it just means when the guy I like does come along it'll be even more special.
    Your choices aren't 100% clear, but if anything a fix would be more of my kind of guy came my way and that would be a guy with achievements, a good body and ambition. I am already these 3 things.


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What Girls Said 3

  • Being rejected leads to feeling insecure. Being constantly found attractive leads to feeling unsafe. I've felt both, and I don't like either, but I am MUCH happier to deal with feeling insecure than I am to deal with feeling threatened.

  • I choose A because this is MY life. I'd prefer getting with a guy because of his personality and not his looks anyway but I usually never get the ones I want I can physically but I'm too shy of a girl to keep em ha!

  • Your poll options are kind of confusing and I don't get them; but I would rather be wanted by most; I hardly ever meet someone I like as it is (that's not an 'I hate people' comment, it's an 'I'm very picky when it comes to romantic partners' comment) and when I do they don't want me :(


What Guys Said 1

  • Where is the "This is a stupid question" vote?

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