Shoud I contact her or let her contact me?

So I met this woman.
We date several time. We slept after third date. The sex was better and better. First time she sent me home after sex, second time she told me I could sleep at her place if I would like to (but I went home), third time she begged not to go home and stay with her (we spent the entire night together).
We are both busy and we were able to meet only once per week. In the next two weeks we agreed to see each other (she was very positive about it) but she cancelled several hours before. After the second cancelation she didn't propose a new time.

I had a strange feeling about last minute cancelations. Everything else (the way she talks responds, future plans) was the unchanged. After last cancelation we have a nice conversation (texting) and for 2 weeks I didn't wrote/call her nor did she.
I know she has a lot in her life and also she is extremely insecure. She told me about her insecurities over and over again. To be honest I kinda adjust my scheduale after hers. I gave her a lot of power and it could be a minus.

My Question is: Is there a chance that she is waiting for me to contact her again after she cancelled twice in a row and second time without proposing a new date or is she simply not interested/need time and I should let her alone.

PS1: We, men, are really the weak sex. When we like somebody we are screwed. We are not able to think and we are blind like a bat. :))
PS2: I have today a date with another woman but I simply like the first one...


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  • Date the second girl
    I don't make assumptions, but with canceling twice with no re-schedule, something is going on in her head/life atm , let her come to you now.
    That's just my 2 cents

  • Is she punishing you for not staying with her after the first time she asked and after she begged. if she is then she wanted to control you but you did not let her so now she getting back at you.
    Twice she wanted you to stay and twice you didn't. She is saying screw you! You were not clear on why you didn't stay. Not that you did anything wrong but I am curious. She is insecure and is needy. You're better off.

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