How do I get a boyfriend?

just can't seem to find the rite guy I always feel lonely id do anything to go out with a nice guy who loves me, like all my mates have boyfriends and they seem so happy with them. I am texting a lot of dif guys but don't like them all they want is sex.


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  • Well, you're kinda screwed on this. A bf, like a gf... just kinda happens. You don't just walk out there and BAM! new BF...

    The important thing is to just keep looking. I'm dating and talking to lots of girls, and none of them click with me the way I expect a girl friend to. So don't get discouraged, go out on dates with these guys... Even tho you think they just want sex... Who knows you actually might end up liking one, and want to have sex with him too...

    Just don't give up, you'll find someone soon... and if you wait for the right one, itll be awesome!


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  • I've always found that the more you try to chase or rush love, the longer it takes. Instead, sit back and relax. Keep yourself busy with other activities/sports/school/etc. Then before you know it love will fall into your lap.


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  • To get a boyfriend, you must look good every day, smile and laugh and joke around, show your a fun girl, with a lot to offer, and to find a guy who just doesn't want you for sex or whose a nice guy who loves you, you could go out on a date with him and ask him some serious questions like "how long was your longest relationship" or "have you ever cheated on somebody?" Maybe not those, but get to know wut his history in datign was, so you could see if he's looking to you for just a fling, or a long time thing.

    -Brandi ;]

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