Are rebound relationships true?

I am interested in a girl and have voiced my love for her. She is freshly out of a relationship of nearly 8 months that was going no where. Last I heard, she was dating another guy but it was only supposed to be a rebound. What defines a rebound relationship? Is it only supposed to be temporary?

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  • to me a rebound is meant to be temporary.

    but I've heard that sound do turn into a long term relationship.

    A guess you can say a rebound is like having someone there to cuddle, to hold your hand, to kiss to have certain couple like actions with... to patch up the loneliness and the the empty feeling from the hurt of the previous relationship.

    some can define it as "boy toy" a "fling" someone to flirt with ...

    Urm I say just really move on because if you are going to be used as a rebound --how for sure are her feelings for u? ...Do you want to risk getting hurt in the end when she's over her pain and suffering from her last relationship?

    I mean anything can happen--if you choose to start any sort of relationship --it could turn into an exclusive and long term relationship --it all varies on how my chemistry and how much feelings two people have for each other...

    • I may need to clarify...I am not in the rebound. The girl I like is in a rebound with another relationship. She know I love her, but she hasn't been clear with her feelings towards me. I just don't know if I should get over my feelings of her while she is in a rebound relationship.

    • Ahh I got ya--

      well she's in a rebound and she's not clear on telling you her feelings --

      she's either lost

      or she wants to still keep you around just in case the rebound don't go well and you are another option to fall back on (that's just what I'm thinking)

      I really say move on honestly --b/c you really don't know how long her rebound are going to last and what if you met another girl that fits your needs are you going to wait around for her to decide?

    • Thanx for the advice...I will keep it in mind

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  • One of my friends went through a rebound and it lasted about 6 months. To me this isn't technically long term.


What Guys Said 3

  • I would plan to move on with your life. If she wants to be with you, she'll let you know. Don't worry about missing the opportunity cause you were busy with someone else or w/e. If she wants you, she'll let you know.

    Also, flirting/going on dates with other girls makes you "less available" which might make her jealous or respect you more. Girls don't respect guys that make themselves available--they take advantage of this. If she knows that she can do w/e she wants and you'll still be there waiting for her no matter what, she'll take advantage of that and use it to boost her self-esteem. If she likes you, and sees you with other girls, she'll realize that you won't always be there and she'll go after you.

  • A rebound relationship is a relationship coming out of a recent breakup for either party. They are usually temporary, as a means to test the waters again.

  • Yes they're real. She's using you to get over her ex...move on

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