Should I dump the girl im currently with cause she doesn't like or trust my female friends?

I have gone out with the same group of girls for 2 straight years and nothing has happened accept one girl made out with me when she was wasted and apologized later. Most of these girls are in relationships or engaged so there's no concern. My current girl hates that I have these friends and I have told her its fine and that she can come along and chill with us and she will see she can trust me. She claims the reason these girls invite me places are that they like me and girls and guys can't be friends. Its getting really annoying knowing that she doesn't trust me.


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  • The fact that you're willing to leave your girlfriend for your friends kind of proves her point.

    • It's the principal that she doesn't trust me enough to not cheat on her with friends I have had for 2 years and nothing g haooended between us yet. I told her she can join us and she doesn't want to.

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    • Why don't you try making plans with your girlfriend and invite your friends and her friends to come along? Instead of having this tradition that you're talking about. And while you're out with them, pay more attention and stay with your girlfriend more.

    • Its once a weeks I go out with them its not everyday.

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  • A female friend should never be as close as a male friend because male-female friendship is nothing more than a surrogate romantic relationship. No matter what (unless really repulsed by one another) males and females become attracted over time as they attach emotionally.
    No way in fucking hell would I date you if you acted like this.

    I saw you mention how your female friends hug you in front of her. I know cunts like this. No girl would do this innocently. No way in hell. They are doing it out of claim, out of spite. (I had male friends of all "levels" and I'd never be this much of a cunt.)

    Females with male friends enjoy their attention, affection and company. When he gets a real girlfriend they can't have him (as much) anymore, so cunts subtly begin to flirt in her face to mark their own territory. Your friends are those cunts and as far as I'm concerned, your girl has a complete right to be mad at you.

    Having superficial female friends where you hang out a bit, mostly groups, where it's superficial and casual without much emotional investment, that's ok. Great.
    But deep, committed friendships... No. Way.

    I had a dear male friend and I walked away when I needed to. I had maturity and understanding to accommodate his love life. I cared about him, wanted him to get a good girl, I saw our emotional investment was blurring lines between hanging out and flirting and he knew I was right to do it.
    Do the right thing, don't spend your life masturbating because of badly conceived moral principles.

    • Its once a week and every Thursday so its kinda tradition.

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    • How are you not following this? Are you buzzed right now?
      My point wasn't the kids, it's the COMMITMENT. That woman could tomorrow be the center of your world and you're willing to abandon that possibility and possibility of any other woman (who wouldn't stand for that shit either), just so you could have your so called "friends".
      That was my point.

    • Ya I have had a few lol.

  • yeah you should leave her.

    • She gets mad when they hug me even and I asked if she trusts me and she their the issue. Then I kinda made a smart ass comment and said if you trust me the thou dont need to worry.

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  • "I have told her its fine and that she can come along" I have a big problem with your statement. This one line gives me the impression you are one of those people that still rank your friends higher than your SO, or you disproportionately spend more time with your friends than your SO. It should never be your girlfriend joining along with your friends once in a while, it should be your friends joining you and your girlfriend once in a while. She should be your priority in life and who you spend most of your time with. If you are giving your girlfriend the attention she deserves then she will never question who else you spend time with.

    • Well we go out every Thursday and have for 2 years so its not every night.

    • Without her?

    • I invite her but she doesn't drink or lie the bar scene. I used tk be a bug time partier and stopped when I met her. I go out once a week every Thursday with girls I'm friends with in college. Every other night I spend with her or at the camlus pub.

  • yes, in the end she will always be jealous of the female friends you have around. or if she will listen , you tell her she is the one for you. You have no attention to get with any of your female friends. If she still is hostile, I would say she has self confidence issues and needs to improve her self.

    But all this is ignored if your female friend clearly shows signs she is interested in you and you only show her friendship. you should talk to that female friend , that you like your girlfriend and are not interested in her.

  • Girls and guys CAN'T be friends. Maybe you can bullshit chicks, but you and me both know you liked their bodies and maybe ever wanted to get with these "friends".
    If one of them offered to fuck you, I'd never believe you'd refuse.

    Don't be a faggot and get some male friends. Hanging out with women will get you nowhere in life. Especially in the dating world.

    If you were dating my sister, I'd tell her to dump your ass too.

  • She'll have to put up, or shut up, if she does neither; dump.