Should I call him back after all this time with him not calling me?

my boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years. We have not had any communication for at least 3 weeks now, no phone calls or texts, which has been very unusual.

when we last hung out and talked it was great or at least I thought it was. I called him at least 3 weeks ago. he didn't answer and I left him a voice mail to call me back and nothing.

Today, he calls me but I let it go to voice mail. he left a message saying that we need to talk.

I'm pretty sure that he wants to break up with me since he called and said "we need to talk"

should I call him back after all this time with him not calling me?

how should I handle this situation?

him not calling me back is very rude and childish on his part.

any advise would help.


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  • My first reaction was "OUCH!" you are right, he is being very childish and rude, by not talking to you for three weeks then dropping the "We need to talk" bomb. Especially after all the time you spent together and since there were no apparent problems when you last saw each other!

    If he wants to end communication, let him. Dump his sorry butt, and move on pronto! You deserve a much better guy!

    The last time a guy did that to me, I went out and bought a smoking hot dress, which I dubbed the "everything he'll never ever have" dress, and showed him everything he ain't getting anymore. I suggest you do the same. Go out, get a makeover, go to the spa, and when he finally gets the balls to face you in person, you will look and more importantly FEEL like a million bucks. Do some finger snapping and demand RESPECT! the both of you put way too much effort into that relationship, for him to end it so abruptly and rudely. He needs a swift kick in the butt and to see you walk away from him forever, with all the dignity and respect you deserve!

    In essence, take control of the situation, and don't let him run the show. If you let him call all the shots, you will feel worse in the end. I will always remember everything I ever wanted to say to my exes when they broke up with me, but never did. I regret not telling them what jerks they were, so don't make the same mistake! If he is acting like a child, tell him so. If he is being rude, shout it from the rooftops. Walk away from him, don't let him walk away from you.

    Once all the dirty, messy breakup stuff has been taken care of, then you can cry, but not now.

    Good luck!


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  • I concur that his behavior was rude, childish and disrespectful. However, I think you need to be the better person and contact him. I think the sooner the better because IMO you owe it to yourself and the relationship. You both have been together for 3 years, and I am not sure how the history has been. But, I would want to know what is going on and then go from there.

    The choice is yours and I wish you luck.

  • It sounds like he has something to say to you that he is having difficulty saying. Perhaps if you say something like, "I miss you not calling me and I am feeling concerned. I care about you and I feel you have something to say to me that you find difficult. I am ready to hear it" Then you will need to be open to hear everything he has to say good or bad, until he tells you we don't know what he wants to say. You never know it may be something positive. If he wants to split up, I know it may be difficult to hear but he will respect you more if he sees you aretrying to listen to him. Good luck. I think we all have difficulty saying things to each other sometimes.

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