Girls, How do I ask a girl to be my girlfriend?

There is this girl i met and we talk a lot over text and in person and i asked her if she likes me and she said mabey she's not sure and i told her i like her and she thinks thats fine and says mabey someday we can be something. Neither of us have been in a boyfriend girlfriend relationship. We get along super well and are totally comfortable around eachother but im not sure if i should as her to my girlfriend this is a first for both of us. Im sacred she will we say no and make our friendship awkward. what do i do?


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  • If you two share an inside thing together, then build upon that. For example, I asked a guy to prom by painting boxes like minecraft blocks and stacking them to say PROM? because we both played minecraft together. Of course, it doesn't have to be that grand scale, but something sweet that you two cherish and share a like for. You can go for super adorable or casual. This'd probably be the adorable route, but more potential to get a flat out no.

    Casual being something like you ask her to go out with you (to a place, not bf/gf) and when you two are talking easily, just bring it up. Be like, "Hey, i really like you and I know you said you maybe like me but let me just have one chance to change that. go on a date with me- not just as friends, but as something more. I'm not asking you to be my girlfriend, I'm asking for a chance to be seen as your potential boyfriend." Something like that. If she says yes, go on another date with her, but allow yourself to do more things with her. Pay for her date unless she is some feminist (jk.) and maybe hug/ hold her hand. I wouldn't go for kiss because she's probably still unsure. Save that for later, when she actually agrees.

    Asking someone out should take time and a couple dates, at least for me ^^

    • neither of us have been in this kind of relationship. AKA I've never had a Girlfriend and she's never had a boyfriend what is a good first date? Like what should we do to hang out?

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    • Okay thank! you're so helpful i can't wait to ask her out now you're a life saver.

    • No problem ^-^, best of luck!

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  • Ask her to homecoming next year and see what happens

  • Seeing previous comments, a date would be a good idea. But please don't be the person who asks her on a date over a text. Ask her in person, be polite and like a gentleman.

    • I most certinaly will ask her in person we see each other often enough dont worry.

  • you should ask her.