Should I sent him this kind of stuff?

Tere is a guy I like and we went our first date last Satruday. He told me things about his personal and family lives. So among those things he told me about his hobbies, he did most of the talking that night hehe!. but he asked me about my life too. The thing is that we do not keep in touch regularly I dont want to act clingy you know men do not liket that.

I was thinking in texting him lke each week besides telling him how he is doing I was thinking in sending him thing photos, etc anything realted to the hobbies he likes so he may get the hint that Im thinking in his things, b ecaue i like him, I dont know if he likes me though. But like me focusing on the things he enjoy doing it. Not only talking about how he is but also talking about current news and talking about his things and he may ask me about my things too


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  • hmmm wot those photos will b about though?

    • Not sexy photos I mean photos of things he like such as training, sports thing etc I jsut want him to know that I ay attention to the things he like

    • Unless he asked me to send him some photos of myself in sexy clothes hahaha LOL!!!

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  • go for it.