Why don't white teenage boys date black teenage girls?

I'm not fully black and I get told I'm pretty all the time and I'm not fat and don't have a big butt either and I know I have a great personality, I'm very confident and I wasn't raised nor have I ever lived in the ghetto and all my friends are white(the black girls at my school don't really like me they say I act white). and I'm attracted to white guys and I can't help it... I've only dated one black person. and when they have date night I always go but am also always left out too.


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  • Hey Dancelinegirl, I don't "not" go out with black girls... I usually ask a girl out that has been friendly with me. Like exchange a smile or a look somewhere. Most usually the girls I meet are in school. So its not really the real world. I still think it has more to do with how a girl acts and if she seems reachable. I know I am attracted to girls that are around me quite a lot actually, like we seem to always be in the same places. That could be cause we are in the same classes or have lunch at the same place. I might see a cute girl and be attracted to her, but I am not the type that would walk up and start a conversation the first time I see a girl.

    Id suggest try hanging out with a different circle of friends. If you are in the right place to meet the guys you like, I am sure you will find a guy that likes what he sees and wants to find out more about you.

    • Well I have a lot of guy friends but that's all they will ever be.. and its kinda and everyday thing we all sit at the same table all of our friends that on the lunch shift its just the way it goes you can't just get up and go sit with a different group of people it doesn't work like that. I'm not stuck up or anything but that's how it has to be

    • Well actually people make it that way its not set in stone that you can't make new friends, I mean I know its I little more "stick to ur click" in the US but that doesn't mean you are bound to sit at the same table every day.

      go out and talk to some new people and make some new friends, but don't like ditch your old ones just widen your circle

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  • I don't not date anyone... idc about race... if I'm attracted to you dammit... I'm gonna try to figure out if you'd be interested in me.

    ... lol


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