One for the Girls/Dating/Feeling a connection?

Girls, when your dating around/meeting new people...
How often is it when you find someone where you feel a huge connection/spark?
Is it rare, or actually very common?


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  • I've come to the conclusion that, if love wanted to find me it will find me when I least expect it. But when I was in my teens, and I was finding someone to be with, it was extremely hard to have a connection with someone. Maybe I was just extremely picky with whom I dated, but it's hard, for a one off connection/spark.


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  • Very Rare!!! I know what I like/want, so I pick up on a person fairly quickly. I find most people try to impress, I enjoy a person who is more relaxed within themselves and aren't afraid to show it. People like that are not easy to come by.

    • Yeah, I am just frustrated. Met a good one, had a great connection.. But at the time I was dealing with depression/anxiety issues from a parent's death and pushed her away... would love a second go, but hey... that's life

    • Sorry to hear that, must have been a very tough time. I hope everything is looking brighter for you. What if you try contacting her again? Or did it end on bad terms?
      I honestly don't like the dating world, so much deceit and games being played lol.

    • Same, it's hard work playing the game consistently lol.
      No, I just let it be and moved on. Don't want to look like that guy that won't go away, so I just left the door open and walked away

  • It's kinda rare.


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