What are some romantic activies to do on a two year anniversary?

It will be two years since my boyfriend and I started dating soon, and I would like some ideas of things to do with him as well as ideas to do in the bedroom 😉


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  • Umm.. where u live? would be ideal a candle lit dinner at a beach side. Or somewhere like that. Natural atmosphere and quiet.
    how far u hv gone in bedroom. Assuming u hv had sex many times, I would suggest u to tease him till he begs for you to touch. Ask him not to touch u an then give him a strip tease wearing lacy sexy panties and bra then caress all over him with your lips, then nipples with minimum contact of skin and bodies. Don't let him touch u or take control. U shud control whole thing. I am sure when he finally orgasms he will hv one of the best


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  • - Go to the beach at night
    - Have dinner together
    - Bowling
    - Light some candles in your or his apartment and give him a massage.