She say I'll think about because I'm movin?

this girl likes me and I like her, I ask her out and she said "aren't you moving" then I replied with yes but we can still make it work, then she replied with I'll think about it, what should I do or how long should I ask her what she thinks?


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  • Relationships are like pays thousands of dollars for a watch. If your answer isn't 'HELL YES' to getting it, it means 'no'.

    • I'd rather get an expensive watch than a relationship. at least if the watch is broken i can pay for it to be repaired. plus my watch prolly isn't jealous.

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    • well girls don't ljke my face anyway so iguess i don't have much of a choice haha

    • @IHateSarcasm I'm glad you don't care anyway since the watch makes you more happy.

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  • In the difficult language of femina, women, the saying "I'll think about it" means No. i know for us viri, men, the language of femina can be hard to understand. but everything a woman says, except for the word yes, means no.

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