Girls, what reasons would you have for not texting back after a great first date like this? (Short question)?

I thought I had a great date with this girl! We flirted a lot of the time. She seemed to have trouble looking me in the eyes but when she did she giggled and looked away. I teased her a bit.

I said during the date we should go bowling and she said "yeah definitely just let me know!" And definitely hinted at another date multiple times. We shared a drink at one point.

I know it's awkward but at the end she went in for the hug and I ended up kissing her on the head. She's like 10 inches smaller than me lol.

The next day, I texted her "Hey (name), had a great time yesterday! I forgot when you said you were going to (city she had to go to for an orientation), but we should go out again soon :)"

I was waiting for her to respond to schedule something... maybe my text didn't warrant a response?

I can usually be honest with myself and realize that, hey, maybe the date wasn't as good as I thought. But I honestly thought this went well!

I have not gotten a response yet and I've seen her posting on social media and whatnot. :(

My mom just got back from a small party and this girl's mom (they're best friends) rode with her. Without asking, her mom said "(Name) had a really great time with (me). She came home and said it right away after the date"

What I do know is that she is moving 2 hours away to get her master's and also work, so she would have next to ZERO time for a social life and she always gets overwhelmed. Does that make this any better? I know we're not going out but does it at least mean she liked me?


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  • lol at (short question)

    • A response to the question would've been helpful :/

    • She maybe changed her mind. Or she maybe likes to play games.

  • Your text definitely warranted a response, so that can't be it. How long has it been? I personally don't respond right away to a guy's message if I don't feel that much for him. But just wait a little longer, she might not want to look clingy.

    • Texted Friday night and today is Monday morning... so about 3 days. Just didn't make sense because she genuinely seemed interested in going out again

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    • Well she doesn't want anything since she's moving I guess. still doesn't explain her not texting me back

    • Just do it, right now! I would love to be able to tell you what happened, but I just don't know. And anything I say will be a guess. This is obviously bothering you a lot, so just try it and get it over with. If she doesn't text back again, you'll know.

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