Why are girls so unwilling to give inexperienced guys a chance?

i see a lot of this in my own personal experiences and often find I can't get girls to give me the time of day , largely cause I'm not that experienced ( with girls and dating in general and physical things like kissing and sex ) and not cause I wasn't interested in them personally . like how I'm I suppose to get experience if no one will give me a chance to get any ?


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  • Well, do you have friends you can learn from? Sometimes it can be off-putting if a man acts awkwardly, just because it makes us uncomfortable... and then we don't want to spend more time with him because we don't want to be uncomfortable again. But if you're not acting awkwardly and still no one is giving you a chance, maybe it's time to reevaluate where you're going to meet girls. Sometimes it's all a matter of finding a better place to hang out.


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  • Girls are picky and are always looking for the best just like us

  • Girls these days don't seem to give anyone a chance that isn't an abercrombie-look-alike.. sad to say.. So shallow..