Is He afraid, or just comfortable?

My boyfriend and I have a wonderful relationship. We have been together for a while and have a 5 month old baby girl together, & have lived together for since she was born. He also took on, cares for no differently, and loves my orher daughter, from a previous relationship. l understand that 7 years ago he asked an Ex's father For Permission to marry and was denied. I Know this hurt him , but should this still bother him enough that he'd never want to Get Married to me now that we have a family? Especially since l have no biological family.

  • confidence issues...
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  • why waste the money, when life will be no different?
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  • raise the kids then I'm out of here..
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  • I say he is at a stage where he is thinking "If it is not broken why fix it".
    Might have lost faith in formal route of marriage and prefers cohabitation.

    • Is this typical of men? How do I overcome this feeling of... our relationship being only an obligation because of children and nothing more?

    • It is hard to say but it sounds like he is there for you too - If it was only about the kids he mightn't stay just offer financial support.

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  • marriage won't change anything ;)


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  • I guess he is just adapting to your current situation. Voted B.