He never texts me first!

So this is a rather long story, but basically about 1 and a half months ago I prank called this guy a few times and I did it once without blocking my number, and he started texting me. he seemed interesting so we kept talking, and he tried to figure out who I was and eventually he did. before he figured it out though, he'd always text me first, every single day. afterwards, he still texted me first every once in a while but then stopped. I didn't really think much of it and id text him like every day and we'd usually talk for the whole day until one of us fell asleep texting the other. we flirt a lot and he seems pretty interested, but now I always text him first and he never does. I try not texting him and making him text me but I always give in haha. we've been talking about hanging out in person a few times but he always seems to be busy and it has never worked out so far. like we never made for sure plans we were just like oh OK maybe Wednesday? and he'd say OK but then realize he has plans. I honestly have no idea what to think haha. if anyone reads this whole thing thank you so much =] help is appreciated!


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  • he seemed interested in the beginning, but he realized that his interest in you was shear curiosity. There is a good chance that another girl came along and he felt better with her. Nothing against you, but he probably didn't want to get in a relationship for the wrong reasons...so rather than wasting your time, he just stopped talking to you. at least he could have done was say he was no longer interested, but I guess he has yet to do so.

    • We still do talk though, and he in my opinion he still seems interested with all the flirting, which is why I'm so confused

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