Why is he jealous if he doesn't care for me?

I already shared a story with you about a guy who looked interested, but after we slept together he didn't contact me. As we work in a same building (we are not colleagues though), I met him today and he looked scared. Later that day, he saw me on street with other guy and he started to run after us, just to see who that guy is and to check him out.

What is going on? Why he doesn't contact me, but is jealous?


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  • I can only think that he wanted to keep you as a booty call but he thinks you're moving on and isn't into that.

    • so there are no feelings involved? we dated 8 months back, but some things went wrong.. and last week when he contacted me, he was so nice and sweet and even on Saturday he was very nice, really romantic, talked a lot about his mother and family.. i really don't get why he chickened out like this

    • I'm not going to say that because I don't know this guy. By your response, he does seem to have some feeling or maybe be simply wants to be friends but doesn't want you to be taken by someone else. I'd ask him about his behavior... especially chasing you down when you're with someone else... haha.

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  • Oh well... tell him to put on his racing shoes.

    That's pretty lame.

    Yeah... you don't know me when I'm by myself.
    But when you see me with someone else you become a athlete.

    Yeah... okay, GOODBYE!

  • its his ego.

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