Had drunk sex with this girl I work with?

So she no call, no shows, and quits her job. Her ex boyfriend found out about the affair and i assume he won't let her go back lol. She said to me the morning after that it was a big mistake, and she's sorry. Then she never contacted me again, didn't show up to work and just quit. She was a good worker too and she was a really good friend of mine. She won't answer any of my calls, or anything. It sucks. Did i do something wrong? It was just sex.


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  • You didn't do anything wrong, she realized she made a "mistake" if thats what you want to call it, and suffered consequences, unfortunately she dealt with it in a bad way, that lead her to quit her job.. (which is stupid) lol. Don't second guess it, it's because she couldn't handle just the sex.

    • Yeah this is how i see it. Thanks. Everyone at my work knows now and its really awkward.

    • Sure it's awkward but most likely will blow over soon, i mean people bang all the time.

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  • Yeah, you had sex with a coworker who sounds like she could have had a boyfriend. Also, she was a friend, so that just ruined your friendship. She said it was a mistake for a reason: She doesn't see you that way nor does she see it as "just sex."

    She's gone, move on.

    • But... She had sex with me, and she sure didn't hesitate.. I assure you. She may feel guilty, but she did it with me..

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    • Yeah well she hasn't contacted me since that day. Your right though, she gone. I never had any feeling for her. She had a lot of baggage that i didn't need. But she was my friend, and we just ended up having sex. Woops. lol

    • Woops indeed.

  • It takes two to tango, so don't feel too bad. Sleeping with good friends and coworkers is never a good idea. Live & learn.


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  • Sounds like you did nothing wrong... But she definitely had some issues with her ex or with the friendship with you. Sex does complicate things, but yeah... she's gotta figure things out on her own. Give her time, maybe contact her in the future when enough time has passed? Good luck!

    • Yeah the ex boyfriend is probably why she hasn't come back to work. She has 3 kids with him and once he found out, im sure he said "Your not going back to work with him".

    • Wow that is fucked up. Especially because they are not together. A job is more important than anything when you have children. They gotta come first yknow, not your ex. Sorry about your situation, but I think you should just do you and let her do her.

    • Your right man. Like i said, thank god i had no attachment to her. But i will miss being her friend. Maybe one day she'll say hi again, but just gotta get over it.

  • No you did not, It takes two to have sex. It did not help that she was a good friend and co-worker. Plus her relationship got ruined. It is over and you probably will not be hearing from her soon if ever. Time to move on and learn from this

    • I'm not worried about it, i'll get over it. But i've never had to deal with something like that. Id hoped she would grow up and come to work. We both knew nothing would come out of it other than just the sex. We both wanted it and its that simple.

  • man... she regrets bout it, it seems...

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