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Why does he act different when he's around me?

I have stopped sleeping with him two months ago but he always iniatates kissing me anyways, when were drinking usually but even just when were alone hanging out. I now turned him down all night and wouldn't let him kiss me 2 days ago when we were out. He actually got really mad about that and got really rude with me..

In the begining we did go out on a few dates (He asked me out and was very persitent and this was after we already slept together) when I was home for the holidays for two weeks, but I was away at school after so our relationship has turned just really casual and we'd basically just hook up when we saw eachother (usually when drinking). This has been going on for 4 months now.

When we hang out with a group of friends he'll always get really quiet with me, awkward and won't really look me in the eyes.. but he'll do things like sit right next to me. And a couple weeks ago he offered to drive me home so we could be alone and kissed me.

I'm just confused with his actions. I'm assuming he just wants to hook up with me, but then does these other things.. What does he want from me.. whats his deal? What in the world are his feelings for me from how he's acting? Why does he act like he just wants to hook up but then does stuff like kissing me on the drive home..
Why does he act different when he's around me?
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