Starting college later?

I tried a lot of other things just didn't work out. I wasn't mature enough tk take school seriously. Im going back just turning 22. Feel terrible about it. Won't graduate till I'm 26.

Would you consider me to be a late starter in life?


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  • It won't be a problem!! Some people take long time to graduate bc of their major or graduate school. Most important thing is just to get an education

    • Would you consider someone like me to be a late starter in life?

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  • It's all good, I won't get out of graduate school until I am about 27

    • How does it feel. Would you consider yourself a late bloomer?

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    • Does you feel self conscience about it at all?

    • I've had thoughts like, "Wow, I am going to be in my late twenties when I graduate" cross my mind a few times, but there is no life blueprint. Just enjoy each second you get to live.

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