Do you think he brought this other girl?

This guy I've been having a thing with for like forever asked me to go out to a 2 days concert with him. I couldn't go the first day because of family commitments but went for the 2 day. Anyways I met them at their hotel and met 4 of his friends.

When in line for the concert day two, my crush ran into a few people in line, where they eventually asked what happened about the girl yesterday. He said "oh she's not here today", and he just looked at me. I was then suspicious he brought another girl with him..

I was getting along well with one of my crushes friends (and he said I was really pretty, lol) and asked him at one point who the girl from yesterday was. He said that she's a friends through himself, but that my crush didn't bring anymore back to the hotel.

Later on, the friend I asked showed me a selfie of himself with the girl and mentionend her name. She wasn't anything spectacular. Was this reassure me that my crush didn't bring another girl on the first day?

Anyways, I decided to be a creep and stalk him on fb. We're from different towns and we don't have each other on fb, just have each other on instagram and snapchat. And I saw that the girl and him added each other on fb.

Do you think my crush brought this girl for the first day? Or was it just another friend the other guys brought?


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  • I think you're already getting too insecure about a guy who isn't your boyfriend. You said you've "had thing with him" for several months. What does that mean? If he's your "crush", nothing is going on because no one has made a move to take it further.

    I think his friend brought the girl, and they probably clicked. In what way? I wouldn't know. But he added her on a social media site, which suggests he wants t get o know her better. Why has he not added you on his page? Sounds to me like he's not interested in dating you at all. He just wants to be friends.

    • So you def think he was clicking with this new chick and added her on fb? Everything else went fine except for that part, ugh :(

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    • Just be careful not to get your hopes up. He sees you as a friend that he can have sex with.

    • I will.. Thanks!!

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  • might have been a friend.

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