What would you do in this situation?

Me and my boyfriend are in love, it hasn't been that long but we fell in love. he's about to leave soon for the army so he ended it cuz it's was not going to work out and didn't want me to feel pain but I'm going to feel pain either ways, not with him or with him. What would you do in this position? Would you be together until you leave even tho it won't be that long or just be like bye?


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  • Personally, I would talk with him. Ask him if that is the real reason he doesn't want to be together, and that you want answers. You can't force him to be with you, but you can ask for answers. Sometimes people hide the real reasoning so they don't hurt the other person.

    • That is the real reason, that was when he told me the truth. He told me if he wasn't leaving he would be with me it he didn't want me to be more attached to him later on but I still love him and told him it was gonna be the same even if we aren't together

    • You can't force someone to be with you. Not everyone wants long distance, you just have to accept it I think. Maybe when he comes back he will reconsider.

  • No need to drag it along if you're gonna end it anyways