Dating a guy that has a baby? what is wrong with me?

So I'm not exactly dating this guy but we are talking. The thing is he has a 7 month old and I have never been with a guy who has had a child. So here's the thing and I feel so weird saying this but sometimes he will send me pictures of his baby and looking at his child... I have this very weird feeling. Like I'm almost grossed out. I feel absolutely terrible about how I feel when I see pics of his kid. It's the strangest feeling and I have no clue whatsoever why I feel this way? why do I have such a negative reaction when I see his child. I really don't understand what I'm feeling and am not sure if this is normal. I've been digging deep within my brain trying to find an explanation but I can't. Has anyone ever felt this way, is it normal?


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  • You could be grossed out because you don't see him as a potential father for your own kids and/or because you don't see yourself wanting to be a stand-in with the child when he has the child around. It just sounds like you aren't ready for that life. You're looking for fault with the child to talk you out of being with the father.

    • The thing is I like the guy, like so far we haven't had any problems and I have no ill feelings towards the mother of his child at all. Its just when I see his baby I'm like uggghhh.

    • I have liked guys before and had the same feeling when I saw their kids. I have kids of my own, so kids don't bother me. I think I just couldn't see myself having HIS kids.

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  • It could be that this is your subconscious self telling you that you're not ready to take care of a kid or be with someone who has one. This is normal though, I mean it's a big deal to date someone with a kid because its not you and him who are affected the child is as well. Anyways I hope this helped.

    • Thank you, I believe you're right

    • Well I'm glad I could help in some way. :)

  • Nothing is wrong with you. If you don't feel happy around a guy, then he's not the right man. It seems from the way you depict things he's not right for you.

    • But I like the guy, he's completely fine just seeing his kid makes me feel weird.

    • Sorry I misunderstood.

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  • LOL! I know I shouldn't chuckle but... lulz.
    "Like I'm almost grossed out." Silly. :P I've had a couple of friends who have felt that way towards babies in general. So you could just be one of those few, rare women who gets weirded out by babies or you don't like the constant reminder that he was dipping his dick in another girl's pussy juice and that girl will be apart of his life beyond the next decade.

    • Pussy juice... LOL!!. The thing is I love babies, but this one... yeah not so much hahah but maybe you're right

    • tehehe yeeeeahhhh not the greatest thought :/ (there's no vomit emoji here)