So should I do it or no?

So here's some details
Basically women my age tend to want older guys because they have a place of their own and a career so they tend to just choose those older guys over me a guy who is still starting out in the real world Im applying to jobs and no luck but not giving up or losing hope. I am going to college for now but I will soon transfer to work on my masters. I also pay for the groceries I eat and my phone bill with my financial aid money but long story short... once I get older and have a career I want to start using the younger women for sex only and just leave them because I want them to get burned for not sticking with their age group and being materialistic when looking for guys because almost all the women just tend to go for older guys because they have a place a car and a good well paying job so should I do this because I am just focusing in school so I can transfer then work on my degree and should not even focus my time on women in college since they just choose the older guy over me so is this right of me for doing this

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  • You plan on doing horrible things to girls, but you wonder why none of them want to be with you...

    • Because I'm a poor college student? They would be into me but once they ask where I live and do they just avoid me so... what should I do It's not like I am sitting like a potato doing nothing

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    • Nope so I can be further judged no thanks thanks for the opinion:D

    • If you think that's what counseling is for then you really do need professional help.

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  • good luck with that

    • Oh yeah it will obviously work and I'm just thinking about doing since to be honest its quite true

    • you already aren't getting laid now, what makes you think you're going to get some doing that?

    • Because I'm still starting out? I don't have a place of my own and I'm looking for a job so I can save up for rent in the future but I could get laid its just that women get turned off and ignore me when I say I'm living with my sister even though I pay for the food internet and my phone bill

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  • It will make you an asshole. You think it is wrong for girls to use guys but not for you to use girls. What a double standard. The reason women do not want you is not because of you being in college with little money. It is because your attitude is horrible. If it was about your financial situation then why do a lot of college students have a boyfriend/girlfriend that are in the same financial situation as you are?

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