How would you feel if a guy asked you out twice over text? Please read details?

He asked me in person to prom 2 months ago. He is a quiet and shy guy, but very nice. He would text me every so often, and talked to me a bit in the hallways at school. Well a month ago he sent a casual text one Friday afternoon."Do you like hiking" (I said yes) then he said, "I was wondering if you would like to go hiking with me later today." I was busy so I couldn't, but I asked him a few days later if he wanted to go to a dance concert with me (in person). We went to that and had fun. So last week, school is out now so we don't see eachother, he sent me another text asking me if I would "like to tag along later and go hiking" with him. I was again busy. What do you guys think of this? Like I said, he is kind of a quiet kid, but very nice and humble. He can also hold a conversation when we hang out in person. Would I be overreacting if I got upset that he asked me to hang out twice over text? Not even a phone call? It's not like he asked me out on a date, but still?


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  • Did you ask him to hang out with him for a dancing thing?

    • Oh non... shit sorry XD I didn't read the whole part.. I mean the bottom end.. 😂

    • Let me come again...
      You will be going to your home state in 2 months... Is it true? Somewhat related to your situation? :)

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  • Did I read this wrong? I thought him asking you to go hiking was him asking you out.

    I can understand to an extent why you might be upset at him only texting you instead of, say, a phone call. But honestly, I would be worried if I were the guy since you have already turned me (him) down... twice. If you want him to call you and you say he's a bit shy, then drop some hints for him to call. Or you can call him yourself.